About company

Our company designs, manufactures, installs and sells kitchen furniture to order.

Our craftsmen and management have had experience in manufacturing and installing kitchens since 1998.

Among our customers are furnishing and building companies as well as end users. Our company also does subcontracting works to other furniture manufacturers.

Our furniture in manufactured using the latest equipment, materials and accessories of high quality. We cooperate with several importers and can offer you a wide selection of household appliances, sinks and taps. All our products meet international quality standards.

In addition we can offer you cutting of details and edge finishing.

Have a look at our products and services, and please contact us if you have any other questions.

The main parts of the furniture to be ordered are carcass, doors and worktops.

The most widely used material for making the furniture carcass is wooden chipboard. The thickness of boards varies between 10-12 mm. Mainly 16 mm chipboards covered with melamine and/or natural veneer are used
for manufacturing carcasses. The selection of melamine boards includes boards with different woodgrains but also plain coloured boards. A natural veneer surface can be coated with varnish or stained with different colours. We use materials from BOLDERAJA, EGGER, KRONOPOL and REPO for making carcasses.

The doors are made mainly of MDF-boards. Depending on profile the thickness is 16-19 mm. The colour can be chosen from different colour-cards. You can choose either matt or gloss finished doors. We also offer veneered, wooden framed and wooden doors.